About Ceretas

History of the Association

Ceretas started its life as The Institute of Home Help Organisers (IHHO) formed during the 1940's when the Home Help Service received formal recognition as a professional service with the passing of the National Assistance Act. The service was managed by Health Visitors and was developed initially to provide maternity support for mothers. In 1972 with the creation of Social Service Departments the home help service was transferred to Local Authorities and extended to support older people and those with a long term condition. A requirement of membership was holding the Diploma in Home Help Services awarded by the Local Government Training Board in conjunction with the IHHO. Members were, in the main, employed in the statutory sector.

In 1988, in recognition of the change within home care both in terms of the service delivered and the growth of the independent sector, IHHO was rebranded to become the British Association of Domiciliary Care (BADCO). Our mission to support home care managers to deliver high quality care support to enable people to live at home intensified. BADCO was instrumental in the formation of the Joint Advisory Group (JAG) of home care associations which brought together like minded groups to speak with one voice for the sector. As a member of JAG we lobbied, with success, for the home care sector to be regulated and were subsequently involved in the development of the standards for domiciliary care which were published in January 2003.

October 2004 saw the relaunch of our Association, from the ashes of BADCO rose Ceretas, which is a derivative of the Latin word for care and support which sums up what our industry is all about. With the change of name came the extension of our membership base from managers to everyone who works in home care. With a strong voice, together we can make a difference to Promote Professional Care at Home.

Our Aims & Objectives

  • Promote a high standard of professional practice within home care
  • Raise the status of home care
  • Help everyone working in the sector to be recognised as professionals
  • Promote discussion and debate with all agencies involved in the sector including government and regulators
  • Influence thinking that may result in legislative changes
  • Offer advice and information on all aspects of home care
  • Assist in the identification and promotion of training opportunities

The Team

President Maggie Uttley MBE
Chair of Executive Committee Miranda Wixon
Executive Committee Members Debbie Cutts
Ann Taylor
Christine Brooks-Dowsett